Wawona Hotel, Install Hand Rail on Main Building Stairs

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The purpose of this project is to install two hand rails on the front stairs of the main building at the Wawona Hotel. The stairway currently has no center hand-rails on the wide main entrance to the hotel. In years past, hand rails in the middle of the stairs did exist but were removed in 2006 when the front entrance stairs were reconstructed to meet sustainable and historic design criteria. Guests and employees use the entrance stairs throughout the year, including the winter season. The hotel staff has documented a number of guest injuries that have been the result of slipping on wet or icy stairs. Installation of two center hand-rails that will connect to the columns at the top of the stairs will provide visitors a safe way to ascend or descend the steps. Existing railing along the sides of the stairs are constructed of wood planks that do not provide adequate grip for some users. These wood railings may be considered for removal at a future date, in which case two additional metal railings would be installed at that time. Additionally, people who ascend and descend the stairs naturally gravitate to the middle of the wide stairway, where there is no railing to aide their travel.
Delaware North Company (DNC) is requesting installation of two metal hand rails that are the same as the ones currently located on the Wawona Hotel Annex building.
The scope of work includes installation of two hand rails made of galvanized 1 1/2 inch pipe approximately 12 feet in length. The rails will be installed towards the middle of the stairs and connect to the two columns at the top of the stairs. The rails will be primed and painted green to match other railings at Wawona. The top of the hand rails shall be attached to the columns with a threaded flange with wood screws. The bottom of the rails shall be core drilled into the concrete and pour stone product used for the attachment beyond the bottom step. DNC will continue to consult with the park Historic Architect on the style and location of the proposed handrail installation to protect the historic resource.