Parkwide Geotechncial Investigation For Communication Data Network

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Up to nine test borings (mechanical) and three site investigations (using hand boring and/or non-destructive methods, such as seismic refraction) are required to support the design and development of the Communication Data Network project. These borings will provide geotechnical information about the anticipated subsurface conditions for the construction of communication sites, including equipment shelters and communication towers. The findings will result in geotechnical recommendations for foundation and utility construction. The nine test borings will be 5-inches in diameter and reach 40 feet deep in soils or until contact with rock and approximately six feet into rock. The three hand borings will reach six feet deep or until contact with rock. Containers at an on-site location will be available to stockpile cuttings (i.e., rock and soil), which will be removed upon completion of boring activity. If space allows, the equipment staging and storage area will be located at or near the drilling location; otherwise, road turnouts or parking areas will be used. Equipment brought in from out-of-park locations will be cleaned and inspected prior to entering the park. This action will ensure that no soil, seeds, or other organic materials that are potentially non-native species or noxious weeds will enter the park. Underground utilities, or structures served by them, will be located prior to boring activities.