Ahwahnee Hotel, Ground Floor Exterior Door Replication Test

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The National Park Service (NPS) would replace one set of exterior doors on the ground floor of The Ahwahnee. This door would serve as a design model to inform The Ahwahnee Comprehensive Rehabilitation Plan for other deteriorated exterior doors on the ground floor. The scope of work includes design and replacement of the Great Lounge exterior door, GL7.

Design: The National Park Service would retain a historical architect to provide design drawings, which would include specifications for reproducing the original hardware. The reproduced set of doors would closely match the original wood grain, glass, stain, and hardware; however, opportunities to include sustainability and accessibility would be considered.

Replacement: The original doors would be retained for study. The park curator would provide specifications to properly package, label, and store the original doors in the NPS archives. If requested, the original doors could be referred to the wood craftsman before being stored. The set of replacement doors would be constructed following historic design specifications. After installation, NPS subject-matter experts would meet to review, comment, and make recommendations on the design, which would be considered for future exterior door rehabilitation or replacements on the ground floor of The Ahwahnee.

Other Considerations: During the anticipated five-day construction period, the GL7 exit would be unusable. Interpretive signs would inform visitors of the temporary closure. Visitors to The Ahwahnee may exit the hotel through other nearby doors that would remain open. Former NPS exhibit specialist, Craig Struble, recommended rehabilitation of most ground floor doors in the 75% Draft Historic Structure Report for The Ahwahnee and in the 2007 Interiors Report for The Ahwahnee. In the 2007 Interiors Report, the condition of doors GL7 and GL9 were assessed as poor, and replacement was recommended.