Photo of the exterior of The Ahwahnee National Historic Landmark and granite cliffs in the background in Yosemite National Park. Photo credit - Chris Falkenstein

Ahwahnee Comprehensive Rehabilitation Plan

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The Ahwahnee is an iconic hotel that is a symbol of architectural design excellence. It is a designated National Historic Landmark, the highest level of federal designation for historic buildings. After more than 80 years in service, the hotel and associated structures are in need of rehabilitation. This project will develop a comprehensive plan for phased, long-term rehabilitation of The Ahwahnee area.

The purpose of the plan is to:

-Improve visitor and employee safety by bringing The Ahwahnee into compliance with current building, fire protection, and seismic safety standards;

-Preserve and protect the historic integrity and character-defining features of The Ahwahnee by rehabilitating aged or altered historic finishes;

-Improve hotel energy and water-use efficiency and operations by repairing or replacing outdated or inefficient building systems and components;

-Maintain the traditional level of visitor service and the visitor experience at The Ahwahnee through improved operational efficiency, increased accessibility, and rehabilitation of historic resources.

Public scoping for the plan occurred in August/September 2009. To inform the decision-making process, the park completed various studies such as a seismic study, Historic Structures Report, and Cultural Landscape Report and has been designing and analyzing alternatives for the long-term rehabilitation of this National Historic Landmark.

Rehabilitation alternatives and their associated impacts are presented in an environmental assessment (EA) that was open for comment between July 21 through August 23, 2011.

A Finding of No Significant Impact was signed by the National Park Service on January 3, 2012. The Selected Action was presented as Alternative 3 in the environmental assessment. Please review the decision document by clicking on the Document List on the lefthand side of the screen.

Implementation of the plan will occur over the long-term as funding becomes available. Initial components of the plan will include improving the East Wing fire egress, reconfiguring The Ahwahnee bar, and accessibility improvements.

Photo credit - Chris Falkenstein

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