Foresta Lang House Woodstove Installation

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The existing fireplace in the Lang House is outdated, inefficient, and unsafe to use. The current room centered fireplace is unsafe because of its location and lack of venting. It is also not effective in heating the building. The propane furnace used 970 gallons of propane to heat the house last year. This project includes replacing the inefficient heat source with an environmentally sound and cost effective wood stove in an alternate location. The woodstove replacement will require an 18 inch diameter hole in the roof for the chimney. Noncombustible flooring and wall protection will be installed as part of the project. Yosemite Institute is committed to improved air quality from this wood stove upgrade. Yosemite Institute facilities staff will install the new stove and a contractor will be responsible for waste removal. The building has been preliminary determined to be historic from park staff but is not on the List of Classified Structures.