Yosemite Village Replace Cooling Tower

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This project will replace the existing cooling tower within the Yosemite Village Store with a new cooling tower located adjacent to the breezeway on the outside of the building. The existing cooling system is located within the village store and is undersized, antiquated, and subject to frequent break down. It leaks approximately 2,000 gallons of water a day. All piping from the new cooling tower to the cooling system inside the Village Store Complex will be run along walls. No trenching will be required. The noise level of the new cooling tower will be slightly higher than the current system at peak load due to the new unit being located outside. However, at lesser loads the system will have noise levels similar to the current system. The new system will still conform to noise regulations (36 CFR 2.12).

The following actions will be implemented:

• One spice bush and one small dogwood tree will need to be removed to allow for enough room for the foundation and fence.
• Pour a 14-foot by six-foot, 18 inch deep concrete pad.
• Shift the location of the existing air compressor.
• Install the new cooling tower and concrete pad.
• Construct a wood plank board screening fence.
• The new cooling tower will be visually screened by approximately 40 linear feet of wood board plank fencing. The fence will be visually consistent with the Village Store building and will be painted Wosky brown. Up to ten 12 inch diameter by 18 inch depth post holes will need to be dug for the fence posts.
• Removed materials will be disposed of as recycled materials.