Yosemite Lodge Replace Balcony Decks, Railings, and Privacy Partitions

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This project will replace the balcony railings, decks and privacy partitions at many lodging buildings at the Yosemite Lodge and will match recent work completed to bring uniformity to the Yosemite Lodge units and provide safe handrails and decks.
Phase 1 consists of the development of schematic design, drawings, and construction documents (plans and specifications) for project team review and approval. Minor structural analysis to select balconies will be performed. The majority of the work will replace components as they currently exist (with the exception that railings will be replaced with metal instead of wood).
Phase 2 consists of constructing the new balcony decks, railings, and privacy partitions as detailed in the construction documents.
Justification: The existing wood railings, partitions, and decking are rotted or defective and in need of replacement.
Project Goals:

Provide safe, structurally sound railings, decks and privacy partitions.

Bring a uniform appearance to the Yosemite Lodge structures.
Scope of Work:

Investigating and identifying facilities that are in need of replacement due to structural deficiencies or damage. (A structural engineer will be retained to determine structural deficiencies and provide recommendations for replacement).

Removing of all wood handrails, defective deck lumber and rotted privacy partitions.

Fabricating and installing metal hand railings to match the recently constructed balconies, consistent with Building 3200 (Laurel) and 3300 (Juniper).

Replacing rotted deck boards and supports, as needed.

Replacing deficient wood privacy partitions, as needed.

Painting all work to match existing color of buildings.