Yosemite Lodge Replace 4100 Building Roofs

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The purpose of this project is to replace roofing on the following Yosemite Lodge 4100 Buildings: Aspen, Dogwood, and Tamarack. The roofing material on these three buildings has deteriorated, and there is possible wood-rot and termite damage. Initial inspection indicates ineffective roof drainage. Subject to review by the Park Historical Architect, the new roofing material will closely match the color, texture and seamless appearance, of the existing built-up roofing.
The general scope of construction is to replace the existing rock roof coverings with Bituthene-type roof material. The project will include architectural and engineering evaluation of the roof system resulting in configuration and construction for each building and recommendations for roof material. A termite inspection will determine the extent of damage; the damage will be mitigated as necessary.