Yosemite Village Upgrade Valley Fueling System

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The purpose of this project is to replace the dispenser controller and the reporting/charging system at the Valley Fueling Station, located south of the National Park Service maintenance yard in Yosemite Village. Updated software capabilities will allow for Government Fleet Cards to be charged directly and authorized credit cards would be accepted in cases of emergency only.
The scope of work for this project includes replacing the existing computer system and fuel card reader with new equipment and software that is reliable and capable of accepting government fleet credit cards and emergency cards only. Individual credit cards will not be accepted with the installation of this equipment; however, Yosemite Transportation System garage personnel would have the ability to grant temporary access of individual credit cards, in cases of visitor emergency only. In addition, select components of the existing dispenser controller will be replaced to correspond to the new software system. Construction activities will be limited to removal and reinstallation of an updated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant card reader on the existing concrete island - all work will occur in a pre-disturbed area with no excavation activities required. Installation of the equipment, software, and hardware will be performed by a vendor specializing in electronic fuel service systems. The new system will look very similar to what currently exists.