Yosemite Village Concessionaire Warehouse Upgrade IT, HVAC, and Fire Suppression System

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This project would replace the existing HVAC equipment and update the Halon Fire Suppression System for the air conditioned computer terminal room in the Yosemite Valley Warehouse building (FMSS #84842 / YVS006). The concessionaire computer servers and data terminals are housed in a secure, humidity, and temperature controlled environment. The electronic equipment services most aspects of the concession operations. The existing HVAC and fire suppression equipment will be replaced with industry standard, code compliant construction as a replacement in kind using existing ductwork and electrical services, where applicable. This project consists of a limited investigation and design phase prior to construction. There will be no visible changes to the exterior of the warehouse building as part of this project.

The current construction dates from 1982. The fire suppression agent is based on Halon, a hazardous material, and the existing fire suppressions system is non-compliant with current regulations. The fire suppression system has been identified by the 2007 Condition Assessment as a fire, life, safety (FLS) and immediate personal hazard (IPH) item. The cooling system has reached the end of its useful life, is overtaxed and is subject to frequent breakdowns.

Project Goals:
• Protect concessionaire computer terminal by replacing the HVAC and Fire Suppression system that serves that room.
• Address immediate personal hazard items identified in the 2007 Condition Assessment for the terminal room.
• Upgrade HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems to meet current codes.

Operational Concerns:
Work will be scheduled and designed to minimize impact on concessionaire operations and computer systems.

Scope of Work:
Phase 1 will include preparation of two separate Requests for Proposal (RFP) to vendors specializing in the design and installation of fire suppression systems and HVAC systems, respectively. The new HVAC system will be sized to meet future anticipated cooling loads of the computer terminal room. It will be installed at the same location as the existing unit. Existing ductwork and electrical will be utilized. The new fire suppression system will likewise be installed in the same location as the existing system and will utilize existing floor and ceiling space for components. The type and size of the fire suppression system will be determined by code requirements for this type of facility.

Phase 2 includes construction of project in accordance with RFP documents. Contracts will be entered with separate contractors to perform the fire suppression and HVAC work. The contractor's work will be done sequentially with overlap of two contractor's work toward the end of the first contract. The HVAC work will be performed first with coordination from the fire suppression contractor.