Wawona Obsolete Structure Demolition

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This project will remove several abandoned structures and other building features from the Wawona housing area in Yosemite National Park. The structures are in extreme disrepair, unusable, and rehabilitation is not economically reasonable.

The structures to be removed include:
1) A pump house, building #4161, located at 2591 Van Campen Way (Tract YOSE 012-135).
2) A former residence, building #4048, located at 2652 Spelt Road.
3) A former residence (Redwoods house) located at 2571 River View Road (Tract YOSE 007-136).
4) A foundation from a former residence (Crews house) located at 7975 Forest Drive (Tract YOSE 007-139).
5) A chimney located south of the Crews house foundation (Tract YOSE 007-120).

All structures will be thoroughly inspected for bat inhabitation prior to removal. If found, bats would be removed in consultation with the park Wildlife Biologist prior to demolition. The park Archeologist would be offered the opportunity to investigate and monitor the site for soil disturbance. All existing utilities would be removed to at least 18" below grade. Utilities located deeper than 18" would be abandoned in place. All demolition work would be performed by a contractor managed by the National Park Service (NPS). Following demolition, the site would be restored to preconstruction conditions with consultation from park Vegetation and Ecological Restoration staff. Erosion control measures would follow recommendations by the NPS Division I specifications.

History, Architecture, and Landscapes staff have reviewed the above proposed project list and determined that the buildings proposed for demolition have not been identified as historic resources in previous park studies; the buildings appear to lack the historic significance or architectural distinction required for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The above action ensures consideration and review of the buildings as possible historic resources.

Other structures (listed below) that would be removed with this project are covered under a separate compliance document (tracking #2004-068). However, there is one complex of structures that was approved for removal in 2004 that is excluded from this project - it is the "Vagim House, Garage & Laundry". Any future action regarding this complex of buildings will necessitate additional research to evaluate its historic significance.
1) Madden House & Garage
2) Putnam House
3) Unit 4176
4) Unit 4183
5) Unit 4156
6) Unit 4166
7) Unit 4015 (Moon House)
8) Unit 4091 (Mark House)
9) Unit 4151
10) Unit 4205 (Saunders House)
11) Unit 4730 (Small slab at Wawona Point)