Falls Creek Gage Removal

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This project would remove the USGS Falls Creek Gage House, including the cableway and the debris associated with its operations. The two cableway anchors on either side of the river and the brass benchmark (the original site datum) would remain for use in future operations.
This project would also replace the gage house with a low-profile modern structure to monitor river flow and other parameters. It would be placed outside the river channel but within 20 feet of the original gage location. An instrument box (2 feet square by 10 inches deep) would be mounted to an approximately 7-foot-high metal post at three feet above the ground. A 12-inch by 17-inch solar panel and satellite antenna would be mounted on top of the metal post. Flexible 1-inch conduit would connect the structure to a 3-foot-long by 2-inch-diameter steel pipe mounted to the bedrock in the river. A helicopter or pack stock would be used to ferry equipment and debris to and from the site. Personnel would access the site on foot.