Mariposa Grove Museum Lighting Installation

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The Mariposa Grove Museum houses excellent interpretive displays, yet the lack of lighting hinders the visitors' experience and also causes a safety hazard (visitors and employees have tripped and fallen in the space). This proposal would install rechargeable battery-powered lighting to help showcase the exhibits, provide visitor safety, and preserve the historic character of the building. These lights will only be used during daytime museum visiting hours.
The number and location of lights needed to sufficiently light the exhibits and provide a safe environment have been identified by the park's Audio Visual Specialist. With this information, he has researched and chosen a rechargeable battery system. A revised scope, schedule and budget have been finalized.
This project will involve affixing 20 LED lights to the ceiling beams in the museum. Lights will be positioned in order to light the exhibits and ensure safe passage through the museum. Cables connecting the lights to a battery pack will be covered in brown plastic conduit to match the color of the wooden beams. Lights and cables will be affixed with the smallest hardware necessary to do the job. Conduit will be affixed to the top of the beams with thin drywall screws and will continue down one wall in the least conspicuous place possible. All lights will be powered with a large RV-type rechargeable battery pack (Product: Zantrex PowerPack 1500). This battery will be switched out every several days to be recharged at the Wawona Visitor Center.