Huff House Roof Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to replace the roof on the Huff House, which is occupied as concessioner employee housing. The roof has deteriorated and has begun to leak. During the winter of 2008-2009, a tarp was placed over the eastern section of the roof.

Huff House is a historic structure located in the Camp Curry Historic District. Definitive information about the original roofing material is unknown; however, the age and style of the facility indicate that the likely material was wood shakes. The existing roof on Huff House is constructed of composite asphalt shingles. Delaware North Parks and Resorts at Yosemite, Inc. (DNC), proposes to replace the existing composite asphalt shingles with fire-rated cedar shakes, similar to those used on other historic building roof replacement projects. Additionally, structural repairs will be made, if necessary (replace fascia and beam caps, etc.).
Scope of Work: The general scope of work includes the following:
• Remove existing asphalt shingle roofing.
• Inspect and repair roof sheathing, fascias, and beam caps, as necessary.
• Replace asphalt shingles with new fire-rated cedar shakes.
• Remove existing gutters and replace in-kind, as needed.
• Remove electrical lines that are attached to the fascia and reattach appropriately to accommodate the new roof.

The Huff House roof will require the following:
• Remove all existing roof coverings to wood sheathing.
• Remove all roof-edge metals.
• Retain wall reglets for reuse unless rusted through.
• Repair or replace rotted lumber at overhangs and porches.
• Trim overhang sheathing so flush with fascia.
• Inspect wood skip sheathing for hidden damage, and repair as necessary.
• Install new flashing at pipes.
• Install new 4"x 4" drip edge.
• Install roofing per manufacturer's specifications to ensure warranty.
• Reinstall wall reglets.
• Paint all flashings and reglets, as needed, in consultation with the park historical architect (Huff House is painted the dark grey similar to many other concessioner operated facilities. DNC proposes to paint all flashing and reglets to match the existing color).
This project will not require a design phase, as structural components will not be replaced.

Background: An alternative was considered for this project. DNC originally proposed a replacement-in-kind option for the roof, as composite asphalt shingles currently exist on Huff House. Upon consultation with the park Historical Architect, the recommended replacement roofing material is fire-rated cedar shakes; therefore, the replacement of the roof with composite shingles is no longer being considered.

Project Goals: Protect the historic Huff House roof and interior from damage caused by leaking. Replace the existing Huff House roof with a historically accurate roof.

Special Considerations: All proposed materials and the scope of the project will be reviewed by the park Historic Architect and the Historic Preservation Officer. Historic photographic documentation of this project will take place.

Operational Concerns: Work will be scheduled to minimize impact on employees and will be subject to weather constraints.