Curry Village Pavilion and Complex Roof Replacement

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This project will renovate the Curry Village Pavilion and complex roof. Rotted and compromised roof materials will be replaced with new in-kind materials, from the overhangs up to the roof line. In addition, the interior trusses in the gift shop will be evaluated for structural integrity and appropriately rehabilitated.
The roof is compromised from water infiltration, fatigue and age; open vents invite entry by wildlife. Its current design (a combination of interconnected flat and gabled roofs) has improper drainage, creating areas for water and/or snow to collect and eventually infiltrate the roof's structure. Equipment additions have overloaded the structure causing the roof to sag in some areas.

Existing roof equipment (electrical conduits; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment; water pipes; and duct work) will be removed and stored in a staging area during the renovation. The staging area, located in the back-dock of the pavilion, will also accommodate debris bins and roofing materials. The contractor will be responsible for disposing of spent roofing materials and will consider opportunities to recycle. The equipment will be reinstalled in its proper place, when the roof's repair is completed. Waterproof material will be placed at the base of each piece of attached equipment. Open vents will be covered with wire mesh to eliminate access by wildlife.

The repair work will have no affect on the roof's exterior elevation. Carbon footprint reduction or increase is not measurable for this project; however, improved energy efficiency is anticipated as the project requires new insulation in attic spaces, as necessary.