Wawona Federal Highway Administration Temporary Office Trailer Placement

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As part of the Glacier Point Road Rehabilitation and the Wawona Road Rehabilitation Project this proposal includes placing a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) mobile construction office trailer (60' X 10') at a former trailer site in the Wawona Maintenance area.

This project is necessary to provide a temporary (36-months) trailer space for FHWA's construction trailer. FHWA is providing construction inspection and management for these projects and they need a place to stage their job trailer during the project. The proposed site is the same location as was previously used as part of the South Fork Bridge Replacement Project between 2004 to 2006.

The proposed trailer would be hooked up to the nearby water, power, and telephone. There is a known lack of power at this site, due to a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) transformer problem. PG&E will need to evaluate if digging is required as part of the transformer upgrade (estimated trench dimensions 50' long by 18" wide by 36" deep). FHWA shall be responsible for upgrading the power to accomodate the proposed trailer. There will be parking along the south side of the trailer for FHWA and park staff. The alternative areas considered were leaving it in El Portal, placing it at Badger Pass or renting a space in the residential area of Wawona. Leaving it in El Portal was a safety concern associated with the longer commute between El Portal and the project, placing it at Badger Pass was not acceptable due to the fact we are rehabilitating the whole parking lot and it is also the contractor's staging area and placing it in a residential area was a concern of disturbing the nearby residents, due to the multiple shifts and extended work hours that may be required for the road projects.