Sunrise High Sierra Camp Septic System & Grease Interceptor Replacement

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This project will replace the existing septic tank and grease interceptor systems at Sunrise High Sierra Camp. The existing septic tank in place is no longer functional and is bypassed in order to allow waste to flow directly to a leach field. The existing grease trap in inadequately sized for the water processing required. Without a functioning septic tank this results in clogged pipes and increased maintenance needs.
The following actions will be undertaken to resolve these issues:
• Install a 1500 gallon polyethylene septic tank in a 20 foot long, seven foot wide, and 6.5 foot deep pit north and adjacent to the dining facility.
• Reroute waste lines to the new septic tank. Trenching for these new waste lines will be approximately 80 foot long, 1.5 foot, and 2.5 foot deep.
• Replace the existing grease interceptor with a new 45 gallon bear-proof unit. The new unit will be installed in a bellow grade vault, necessitating a four foot long, three foot wide, and four foot deep excavation.
• Install hair traps in the lavatory and shower drains.
• Construct an eight foot long, six foot wide shed to house the photovoltaic system to power the electrical components of the septic and grease trap systems. A six foot wide by eight foot long, 1.5 foot deep excavation will need to be dug for the structure's footing and slab.
Helicopter support will be required to transport materials to the project site. Coordination of the delivery of new equipment and the removal of demolished materials will be arranged to minimize the number of flights. Park archeologists were consulted during the development of this project and will be available during ground disturbance. Human solid waste will continue to be processed through a separate system that uses a camp composting toilet. Management guidelines for preventing grease and solid wastes from entering into the new system will be developed.