Badger Pass Badger Lift Replacement

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This project is located at the Badger Pass Ski Resort in Yosemite National Park. The purpose of this project is to replace-in-kind the Badger Chair Lift in its current location/foot print on the Badger slope by using the existing tower foundations (6 - total). Replacement will insure safe operation during aerial lift transport of visitors and staff. Rehabilitation of the existing lift is not an option as the major components for this model and year of lift are now obsolete. A replacement of the existing ski lift with a newly designed aerial tramway is necessary to access to the Badger slope. The number of chairs, occupancy per chair and the capacity of the lift will remain the same as the existing lift. Currently there are 41 double chairs with a capacity of 1200 passengers per hour. DNC was provided a DAB waiver by NPS Region because the project involves in-kind replacement, in the existing foot print.