Wawona Road Rehabilitation Pavement Borings

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Complete pavement borings on the Wawona Road between Yosemite Valley and South Entrance. These borings are needed to provide the design team with the necessary pavement and subgrade information required for the appropriate structural section to rehabilitate the Wawona Road. The work includes 100 pavement borings over the 25-miles of the existing paved Wawona Road. This work will include flaggers with radio communication on each end of the road segment being investigated, which will allow one lane to remain open at all times with up to 15 minute delays. The following 100 Pavement borings will be required to design the appropriate structural section and asphalt pavement mix design for the roadway.

-75 Borings 6" diameter with a maximum depth of 1-ft.
-25 Borings 6" diameter with a maximum depth of 5-ft.

Note: It is currently unknown the exact location of the borings, however the boring locations can be adjusted as needed to avoid any park resources. The plan is to complete a boring every 1/4 mile(+/->>the location will adjusted to bore where the designers have a road failure concern>>such as a pothole or extensive alligator cracking areas.)