Ahwahnee Cottages Satellite Dish Installation

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DNC will remove eight existing television antennas from the Ahwahnee Cottages and install one satellite dish in a pre-determined inconspicuous location to replace the current analog reception with digital TV to comply with the federal broadcasting upgrade program.

An on-site review with the NPS and DNC ocurred on March 26, 2009 to view and discuss two alternate locations recommended by DNC's satellite vendor for the satellite dish installation. Both alternatives have vegetation screening and allow for TV reception. Alternative Location 1 was preferred due to the location and opportunity for screening by trees and bushes. This alternative will require installation of a 10 foot mast in the ground approximately 24 inches deep by 16 inches wide. The mast and dish will be painted brown to blend with the surrounding trees and landscape. The dish is 24 inches with an elliptical shape.

Additonally, one satellite dish will service multiple structures in the area. Acquiring reception at the other eight structures involves running cable on the ground surface between structures and hand burial of the cables with existing duff (pine needles, leaves, compost). Blackberry branches will be trimmed and removed from the areas where cable will be laid. Where the cable crosses an asphalt walk way, a 3" wide, 2" deep section will be cut into the walkway to accommodate the cable. Cold patch will be used to fill in the impacts to the asphalt walk way. See the site map for reference.

Summary Scope of Work:
1. Remove obsolete antennas from the Cottages.
2. Locate and install satellite equipment in the vegetation area adjacent to Cottage 708 - see map. Paint the dish and mast brown. Mount the dish on a 10 'tall mast in the soil. Run surface cable from the equipment to all Cottages. Cover with existing duff.
3. Run conduit from ground surface up the side of the cottage approximately 36" at pre-existing route for antenna reception.
5. Perform asphalt cuts approx 3" wide and 2" deep in the cottage walkways to accommodate satellite cables - repair with cold patch (see map for locations).
6. Activate pre-existing cable in each cottage to receive new digital TV transmission. Purchase and install HD TVs as needed.