El Portal Rail Exhibit Site Improvement 2009

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This proposed project will continue the advances made in the preservation of the El Portal Rail Exhibit. This proposal will improve the exhibit's accessibility and enhance both interpretive value and visitor satisfaction.
Improvements contained in this proposal are:

• Build Asphalt Curb/Berm at the roads edge along the Turntable Pit to prevent rain water runoff on the road from flowing into the Turntable Pit.
• Build an accessible viewing area at street level, between the Turntable and the Locomotive, to mount the two interpretive wayside signs that describe the Rail Exhibit.
• Build steps out of Railroad Ties up from the Viewing Area to the Locomotive and Caboose Displays.
• Extend Tracks at both ends of the Turntable to accommodate a permanent locking devise to keep the Turntable from being turned by unauthorized personnel.
• Realign the end of the track that the caboose sits on to line up with the Turntable. This would make it possible to push the Caboose on to the Turntable and turn the Caboose, as well as replace ties under this track.
• Selective replacement of rotted railroad ties under the Caboose and in front of the Locomotive.