Badger Pass Wetland Delineation Data Collection

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A wetlands characterization study of the Badger Pass Ski Area site was completed in August 2008 . This work will be completed in advance and to support the alternatives development and Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Badger Pass Ski Lodge Rehabilitiation project (CIF #4711). Additional data collection is required to complete a wetland delineation. This project involves conducting onsite investigations to define the transition between upland and wetland areas. Limited soil testing is needed to assess hydric properties within the area of potential effect near the ski lodge and parking lots. The 20-50 soil cores will be 6-8" in diameter and 18" deep. Identification of wetlands and other waters in the field will be based on the 1987 Corps of Engineers 1987 Wetlands Delineation Manual; the habitat classification system developed by Cowardin et al. (1979) will be used to categorize the habitats. Each delineated Cowardin habitat type, will include summaries of key soil, vegetative, and hydrologic characteristics. Based on incidental observations, the report narrative shall also discuss invasive exotic plants, presence of fill material, alterations in site hydrology, and other disturbances. Wetland boundaries will be mapped, and wetland determinations will be verified by US Army Corps of Engineers.