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The National Park Service develops a General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (GMP/EIS) that serves as a projected long-term framework for the management and use of an NPS site. The GMP/EIS for Hamilton Grange was published in 1995. The final plan called for the relocation of the Grange from Convent Avenue to St. Nicholas Park and for NPS to "restore the Grange, to the greatest degree possible, to its appearance during Hamilton's residency (1802-04)." This past June, NPS moved the Grange and is in the process of restoring the home so visitors can fully appreciate the historical context and significance of Hamilton's home.

The Hamilton Grange GMP/EIS also specified action for the redevelopment of the Convent Avenue site once the home was moved. The plan called for turning the existing site into a new structure for public and NPS uses. However, this provision of the 1995 GMP/EIS is no longer feasible and will be amended.

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