Badger Pass Snowflake Room Food Service Reactivation

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In 2001, DNC removed the food service area along the west wall of the Badger Pass Snow Flake room. As it stands, this action did not provide good guest service to our visitors. The purpose of this project is to reactivate the food service in the Snow Flake room which includes reactivating existing utilities and reinstalling free standing cabinets, prep tables, warming equipment, deck pizza ovens and other free standing miscellaneous equipment to accomodate food preparation and service operations. The Snow Flake room is located on the second floor of the Badger Pass Day Lodge. At the top of the stairs and along the west wall, a 10' x 25' section of carpet squares will be removed and replaced with linoleum to enhance sanitiation. DNC will not perform any installation activities outside the original food service foot print to prevent impacts to the original structure.

The scope of work includes removal of existing carpet squares; reactivation of the plumbing, electrical and drains; installation of 10' X 25' linoleum section; inserting free standing prep tables, cold box, pizza ovens, cabinets and other miscellaneous equipment related to food service operations; and skirting the counter space as needed.

NPS Health & Safety Officer, Shane Simms, has reviewed the project and scope with a recommendation for linoleum.

The park Historical Architect, Sueann Brown, was on site to view the project area and potential for impact; she approved of the scope of work to reactivate utilities and insert free standing equipment that will not impact historic materials.