South Entrance Office Reroute Telephone Line

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This project involves a reroute of the telephone lines to the South Entrance office/residence (duplex). The removal of an existing overhead line that is unsightly and difficult to maintain. The existing telephone line runs approximately 300' through the trees from the Big Trees parking lot to the duplex. This project would include rerouting the telephone line to the office/ residence by trenching and burying lines underground from outside the office to an access point. The access point would be for AT&T and would be located at the bottom of the intersection of the office/residence driveway and the Wawona Road. This involves excavating a trench 24" deep x 12" wide x 200' long, and 15' across the end of the driveway. The project will include protection of the access point from snow plow damage with a standard green telephone access pedestal (the access point is currently protected by piles of rocks). National Park Service staff and equipment will be used for all trenching activities. The park Archeologist has stated that there are no known archeological resources in the area surrounding the parking lot, roadway, driveway and duplex. It is possible there are buried resources in the area, so the trenching might need to be spot checked by park archeology staff. The Yosemite Telecom shop will remove the telephone lines.