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This Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to assist the NPS in planning the development of the Union Building as the first NPS-operated visitor interpretive facility for Keweenaw National Historical Park (NHP). The project includes the rehabilitation of the historic structure's interior, including provision for universal access, and the design and installation of interpretive exhibits on the first and second floors.

Keweenaw NHP's General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (GMP/EIS) directs the NPS to provide a traditional park experience within its boundaries. This experience is being developed, in part, through the acquisition and rehabilitation of significant historic structures like the Union Building. The GMP/EIS also calls for the NPS to establish an interpretive presence in the Calumet Unit. The Union Building was identified as the most suitable facility to meet these goals during two separate planning endeavors: the Park's draft Long Range Interpretive Plan (LRIP) and the Park Facility Plan (PFP). The preservation and rehabilitation of this structure as an interpretive and visitor orientation facility is integral to the Park's mission.

The purpose of this project is therefore twofold: the first is to complete the work begun in 2005 and rehabilitate the interior of a significant park-owned historic structure following the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties (or, in short, the Secretary's Standards). The second purpose is to develop the structure as an interpretive and orientation facility for visitors and residents. This facility will provide information about the park and regional area, and interpret social history through exhibits on the first and second floors, providing a cohesive overview of the community's development and role in the Keweenaw Peninsula's rich, nationally significant copper mining history.

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Keweenaw NHP
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