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Partnering with the Shenandoah National Park Trust, Shenandoah National Park staff is proposing to redesign the Loft Mountain Wayside Area. This project would include building a 1,610 sq. ft., one story LEED certified building just south of the Loft Mountain Wayside dining room to provide visitor information, office space, and restrooms (men's, women's and a single unisex/family). The new building will be connected visually and physically to the current outdoor eating area and take advantage of the scenic valley view to the west. The architecture will be similar to other SHEN park buildings that the State Historic Preservation Officer has approved, such as Dickey Ridge V.C. Comfort Station, Byrd V.C. Comfort Station, and the Rockfish Entrance Station. The public restroom will provide a flush toilet/waterless urinal, sink, and baby changing station. However, the current water infrastructure will restrict the facility's use from April to mid November. The project will also demolish the existing cinderblock restroom building, replacing it with a designed landscape visible from the Skyline Drive.

The resulting design will consider the entire Loft developed area holistically, maximizing the visitor experience. The design will provide a strong connection between the existing restaurant and the new information center through a designed landscape, plaza, renovated parking area, and outdoor exhibitry. Passive seating areas and viewshed-oriented decking will provide opportunities for contemplative recreation and enjoyment of the redesigned space. Linking the resources of the entire Loft complex, visually and thematically, will enrich the visitor experience immensely.

The primary purposes of this facility are: 1) house a small visitor information/sales center (Loft Mountain Information Center), 2) provide office and workspace for up to four employees to staff information center and provide ranger programs at Loft Mountain Campground, 3) provide a Discovery Station exhibit on "global climate change", 4) external orientation panels and 5) prepare for a future winterized family bathroom in the south district of the park

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Managment Assistant
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