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This project will include the creation, design, fabrication, and installation of permanent exhibits as well as an updated lobby/orientation area inside Wawona's Thomas Hill Studio visitor contact station. Exhibits will include information/orientation to the area, as well as interpretive messages about Wawona and the history and significance of painters in Yosemite and the National Park movement. Thomas Hill Studio in Wawona is the primary contact station for visitors entering the park from the South Entrance. It is also immediately adjacent to the Wawona Hotel. As such, Hill Studio has very good visitation and great potential for interpretive opportunities. There are currently no permanent exhibits in this facility. Its rich history and location make it perfect for interpretive displays on a variety of topics, most significantly the art history of Yosemite National Park. Images for the paintings will be Giclee prints on art paper or stretched canvas and framed appropriately for the time period. Aside from a request to repaint the interior to better represent a color palette from the Victorian era, painting of a floor reproduction, addition of one line of track lighting, and attachment of interpretive panels to the walls (see drawings in PDF file-note that color samples are approximate on your screen. Actual color samples will be brought to the Monthly Planning Forum). There will be no alteration of the historic fabric of this National Historic Landmark structure. Dave Humphrey and Sueann Brown from the Branch of History, Architecture and Landscapes are consulting with the project manager and designer on design, colors, and fixture hardware so that they are representative of the timeperiod and so they are compatible with the architectural character of the building.