Tuolumne Winter House Generator Shed Construction

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The Tuolumne winter house is being converted to alternative power sources. As part of this process, the park has purchased a propane generator, propane appliances and a battery bank with an inverter. To house the generator, a larger shed will be needed because the generator needs to be on a concrete slab. The current shed has a wood floor and is used to store firewood and a chest freezer. Adding onto the current shed will make it possible to store the firewood in the current shelter and house the generator in the addition with a wooden wall between the two areas.

The addition will utilize the same design as the current shed and have the same roof line. It will be constructed largely on top of the current ground level and will involve minimal digging with hand tools in order to level the area for the floor. It will not require cutting down any trees or disturbing any vegetation. The area is bare ground which is currently used for storing a stack of firewood rounds.