Yosemite Valley 2008 Residential Roof Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to replace deteriorated roofing on various park structures under DNC assignment. The roofs on the structures have outlived their useful lives. Structural repairs will be made if necessary and new 30-year roof coverings will be installed. Each roof will be evaluated individually and a scope of work prepared based on the condition of the structure and its historic status.

General scope for the residential units is to replace the roof in-kind and remove all existing roof coverings, inspect and repair roof sheathing and fascias. Install new metal edging/flashing and roof coverings. General scope for the cedar shake roofs will include removal of existing roofing, inspection, repair and replacement in kind with new fire-rated cedar shakes. The park historical architect will determine the appropriate in-kind materials to be used in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties. Roof types listed in this PSR are subject to change pending review by the park historical architect.

The proposed roofs include:
H-107 (B118; LCS #059810), H-109 (B116; 059812), H-110 (B115; 059813), H-111 (B114; 059814), H-112 (B113; 059815) and H-113 (B112; 059816) – Cedar Shake (Valley residential unit located at Lower Tecoya Housing – Ahwahnee Meadow Row). If there is budget remaining, three additional units will be roofed under this contract (H-114, H-115, H-116). Therefore, a Categorical Exclusion will be requested for all nine of these units.

H-128 (B86; LCS #059794), H-136 (B92; 059801), H-137, & Garage #83749 – Composition Roofing (Valley residential unit located at Middle Tecoya Housing – Nob Hill).