Wilderness Wilma and Vernon Cabin Repair

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This project will bring the Falls Creek Cabins up to an acceptable standard by replacing rodent damaged cabinets, adding rodent exclusion measures, placing fall protection on the roof, acquiring and installing a new wood stove and fixing a vandalized door.

Wilma's repairs and structural improvements include door rehabilitation due to the continued vandalization, fall protection installation for both winter and summer when working on the stove pipe, repair and/or replacement of rodent damaged cabinets and some site restoration. The Historic Preservation crew plans to work on some tasks such as cabinet making and door design during the winter months and then install the pieces in the summer.

Vernon requires a new stove and removal of the old one which has rusted out and leaks.

Wilderness staff have already done some rodent proofing and cabinet replacement. The composting toilet is also in need of minor repairs and reinforcement due to a bear encounter. General rodent exclusion measures throughout the cabin are also in order.