2009-2013 Programmatic Parkwide, Routine Maintenance and Repair of Historic Buildings/Structures

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This categorical exclusion document (CE) will serve as a formal record for routine maintenance and repairs to historic buildings and structures for the years 2009-2013. The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) directs agencies to use CEs for actions "which do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment and which are therefore exempt from requirements to prepare an environmental impact statement" (40 CFR ยง1500-1508). This project is categorically exempt under NPS Director's Order #12, Action 3.4 C(4): Routine maintenance and repairs to cultural resource sites, structures, utilities, and grounds if the action falls under an approved Historic Structures Preservation Guide or Cyclic Maintenance Guide, or if the action would not adversely affect the cultural resource.

The activities covered by this programmatic CE are intended to fulfill the 2001 NPS Management Policies, which state, "the Service will conduct a program of preventive and rehabilitative maintenance and preservation to (1) provide a safe, sanitary, environmentally protective, and esthetically pleasing environment for park visitors and employees; (2) protect the physical integrity of facilities; and (3) preserve or maintain facilities in their optimum sustainable condition to the greatest extent possible."

This CE is intended to cover routine interior and exterior maintenance within the developed footprint of historic buildings and structures. Repair and maintenance activities covered by this CE include door, window, and siding repair or replacement, masonry, plumbing, mechanical and electrical repairs, roof and porch repair, painting, floor covering installation, and pest control. This CE does not cover any modifications to historic buildings and structures. All maintenance and repair activities are limited to replacement in kind only, except as detailed below. Replacement in kind is defined by the Secretary of the Interior's standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties as: with the same material, matching the material present at the period of historical significance "both physically and visually, i.e. wood with wood, etc."