Parkwide Programmatic Trail Routine Maintenance and Repair 2009-2013

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This Categorical Exclusion document (CE) will serve as a formal record for routine trail operation and maintenance activities for the years 2009-2013. The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) directs agencies to use CEs for actions "which do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment and which are therefore exempt from requirements to prepare an environmental impact statement" (40 CFR ยง1500-1508). This project is categorically exempt under National Park Service Director's Order #12, Action 3.4 C(3): Routine maintenance and repairs to non-historic structures, facilities, utilities, grounds, and trails.

Trail operation and maintenance activities are necessary to ensure visitor safety and enjoyment, and to promote resource protection by encouraging trail use. Activities covered include: maintaining, repairing, and rebuilding damaged/deteriorated walls, trail tread, drainage structures, creek fords, signs, and other structural elements; rebuilding and repairing trail bridges including decking, railings, approaches, abutments, and stringers (repairs/replacement of bridge abutments and stringers will be performed on a case by case basis after review by appropriate subject-matter experts in the Resources Management and Science Division [RMS]); removing fallen trees and rocks from the trail corridor; repairing sections where erosion has compromised trail integrity; creating barriers to discourage trail shortcutting, trail widening, and use of social trails, in order to allow vegetation outside the trail corridor to recover; and maintaining/repairing asphalt paths and multi-use trails.

It is also the intention of this CE to cover trail crew camps once archeological clearance is completed, including any archeological treatment necessary, according to the procedure outlined in the document "Yosemite Trails Program: Preservation Planning Guidelines", attached, and stipulated as a condition of Section 106 compliance.

This CE is not intended to cover extensive trail reroutes, major off-trail drainage redirection, bridge abutment relocation, or activities occurring at a great distance from the trail corridor.