Yosemite Valley Residential Fence Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to remove and replace existing deteriorated fences, gates, and posts in their existing locations on the residential homes along the Ahwahnee Meadow, stables, and the Upper/Middle Tecoya housing areas. We will install new posts, rails, gates, and pickets to restore historically correct appearance, per Secretary of Interior Standards, Section 106 compliance and/or as recommended by NPS.

Current problems include fences falling over, unstable fence pickets, rails and posts of various types; new growth impeding into fence lines; 65% of gates are nailed shut due to rot; and inconsistency of fence posts.

Total replacement of all fence post, rails, gates, and pickets. The fence post should be located in the same holes where possible and set in loose mix concrete for stability. This would give a fence system that should last several decades. Because it is unlikely that the fences were painted originally it is suggested the new fences be allowed to stay natural (i.e., unpainted). Fences will be interrupted where trees have grown in current alignment. At these locations, trees will be evaluated to determine if the growth is to be removed or skirted around. Galvanized wire mesh metal fencing will be used to skirt around certain trees to protect and maintain a secure enclosure. Existing materials to be salvaged, recycled, or disposed of properly.

Small staging areas for equipment and materials will be established on asphalt driveways nearby the fence replacement locations.

On a project site walk with the park Historic Architect, Sueann Brown, to develop the project scope, DNC was given direction that all fence replacement should match original materials. The original material has been identified as Redwood, however DNC would like Cedar considered as an alternative product where possible to limit the use of Redwood; an environmentally sensitive product.

Totals: 8000+ linear feet grape stake fence, 500+ lf 1 x 12 rail fence, 150 linear feet picket fence, and 85 gates.