Tuolumne Meadows Service Station Vapor Recovery Installation

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The purpose of this project is to comply with California air quality environmental regulations for fuel dispensing systems at the Tuolumne Meadows Service Station, located on Hwy 120 N in Yosemite National Park. California Air Resources Management has set April 30, 2009 as the final date to convert to a new vapor recovery system in order to improve California air quality. The existing dual-hose fuel dispenser units will be removed and replaced with the approved single-hose dispenser having the Healy Vapor Recovery System.

Concrete islands and pads will be demolished and replaced with new double contained dispenser pans, piping, and an upgraded electronic monitoring system. Excavation will occur in existing trench lines and pre-disturbed areas from a 1998 project to upgrade the underground tank systems at the Tuolumne Service Station. In 2008, project scope and component replacement includes: demolition of existing island area, pans, and dispensers; pouring and finishing new concrete island areas and protective bollards; connecting new vapor recovery lines to existing underground code compliant piping; installing new vapor recovery aboveground vestibule; setting new fuel containment pans and ADA compliant dispensers; and installing new electronic monitoring equipment. Fueling area concrete slabs will remain as is. All design, labor, materials, and installation shall be done by Banks & Co., the contractor for fuel services within the park. All contractor equipment and vehicles entering Yosemite National Park to support this project will be washed down to prevent the spread of invasive plants and seeds.

The entire station will be closed to the public for 4 weeks to complete the scope of work and test the new equipment. The shut down period is expected to commence September 1 through October 1, 2008. All materials and equipment staging will occur with in the fenced construction area enclosing the service station grounds.