Arch Rock Picnic Area Parking Lot, Supplemental Staging For Arch Rock Entrance Station Project

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This action would provide for a supplemental staging area that may be required for the construction of a new kiosk at Arch Rock Entrance Station (PEPC ID# 18836, CTN# 2006-073). The proposed supplemental staging area would be located in the northeast corner of the Arch Rock Picnic Area parking lot. The easternmost of two entrances would be closed during the use of the staging area, which is anticipated from roughly from mid-September 2008 until late January 2009. Parking spaces along the southern edge of the parking lot would not be affected. Two parking spaces in the northeast corner would be occupied by the staging area. Access to the well at the eastern end of the parking lot would be maintained. The area would be secured with a chain link fence or similar enclosure and would include standard screening to protect the area's scenic qualities. The enclosure would be confined to a paved area and would involve no ground disturbance. All equipment stored within the staging area is associated with the original project #2006-073. An area map is included in the compliance package.
The use of this space would be coordinated with the Division of Facilities Management (contact: Colter Chisum), which has a project planned for the same time period, of short duration, in the picnic area south of the parking lot, and including re-striping of the southern parking spaces. On the recommendation of the park Historical Architect, the standard screening is specified as black (contact: Sueann Brown).
During internal review, concern was expressed about 1) the impact of the staging area on parking availability for resident employees and visitors, and 2) the impacts of closing the eastern exit.
Regarding resident employee parking, six or seven employee residents are anticipated until Thanksgiving. Three (or perhaps four) employee vehicles can park in the enclosed parking next to the house. Perhaps three or four private vehicles will therefore use the parking area during the first one or two months of construction. Additional employees will not be placed in this unit until the construction is complete. The proposed staging configuration involved the least disruption to visitor and employee parking from among the alternatives that have been considered.
There are eleven total parking spaces in the parking lot, including an ADA accessible space in the southeast corner near the pump house. There is also a dumpster located in the southeast corner. After discussion with solid waste (contact: Dave Miller, 209-379-1120), it was determined to remove the dumpster for the duration of the staging, because of the difficulty of moving trucks in the small parking lot.
Regarding oversize vehicles (RVs, buses, trailers), a temporary sign will be placed near the picnic parking entrance directing oversize vehicles to continue 2.75 miles to Cascades parking lot for restrooms and other services. It should be noted that no parking spaces sized for buses or RVs are currently provided in the small parking area. Cascades parking lot is designed to accommodate these vehicles.