Wawona Res. 4043 & 4181 Deck Replacement

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This project involves removing and replacing the existing, badly deteriorated and structurally unsound decks on non-historic Wawona residences 4043 and 4181. New decks will be constructed with sustainable materials that will be attractive, durable, and will reduce maintenance requirements. The deck railing will be constructed to current code requirements with vertical balusters spaced approximately 4" apart and attached to horizontal supports spanning the railing posts. Structural lumber will be pressure treated Douglas fir and the deck surface will be textured, non-slip composite lumber (recycled plastic/sawdust). The new decks will be reduced in size from the original decks to minimize cost. The attached deck & building footprint drawing shows the existing decks and new deck footprints.

Laura Kirn, park Archeologist, has been contacted about archeological concerns and has indicated there are no concerns with minor excavation at these locations. Dave Humphrey, park Historical Landscape Architect, and Rod Kennec, Historic Preservation, have been contacted concerning deck architecture and construction materials. They approve the use of pressure treated Douglas Fir for the structure and composite material for the deck surface as long as the material color is similar to the existing deck color.