Tuolumne Meadows Camp Host Site Repair and Satellite Connectivity Upgrade

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This project will establish connectivity to the National Recreation Reservation Service reservation system with the installation of a satellite dish on the campground kiosk. High speed internet access is necessary in order to access this sytem and to operate the campground. The dish will be painted to match the surrounding environment with recommendations from the park landscape architect. This project also replaces the electric service to the 3 existing host sites and the kiosk in the Tuolumne Campground, rearranges the utility connections (water, wastewater and electric) at the host sites to remove hazards and bring the installation into code compliance. The project components are: upgrading the main service to 200amps, 800' of trenching in an existing alignment or roadway, conduit and conductor for electric service, conduit for communication/data service, three RV service pedestals, three hose bibs and sewage connection points. The trench alignment will start at the transformer behind the campground reservation building and terminate behind the camp host sites. This project will bring the utility connections at the host sites into code compliance, remove the life and safety hazards that currently exist and provide reliable service to the volunteers and employees that live and work at the location. The current facilities are overloaded, un-designed, overheating and violate numerous electric code sections. The locations of current service points cause tripping hazards, potential for sewage spills and general clutter and threat to utility hookups at the 3 sites.

Laura Kirn, Park archeologist stated that there are no documented sites in the trenching area and that she's reviewed information for previous archeological monitoring in the area and believes it is not warranted for this project.

Lisa Acree, Botany Program Manager stated that she is confident that there are no known special status plants in the project area, and we do not need to do further rare plant studies as part of the project compliance.

Dave Humphrey of the History, Architecture and Landscapes branch, had no concerns or mitigations.