Yosemite Medical Clinic, Repair Ceiling Tiles and Paint

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The purpose of this project is to repair damage to ceiling tiles and paint in the main hallway at the Yosemite Medical Clinic following an overhead fire suppression pipe leak. The pipe has been repaired to prevent further damage. The concessioner proposes to repair the cosmetic damage that occurred as a result of the water leak. The repair will involve replacing damaged ceiling tile with new tile of a similar material and pattern. Existing damaged paint will be removed and properly disposed of; the wall surface will be repainted with the paint color matching the existing color. The damaged ceiling tile has been tested for presence of asbestos by T & M Hazardous Waste Management of Pinedale, CA. A copy of the report prepared by Mason Moody, CES-CEI, is attached for review. The analysis is negative for asbestos materials. It is the desire of the concessioner to proceed with repairs to the damaged area at the soonest opportunity because the affected area is within an area frequented by clinic patients and staff.