El Portal Store Renovation

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Project includes:

-Electrical upgrades, including rewiring, new services, lighting and outlets.

-Removal of most, if not all, interior walls, and replacement of bearing walls with post and beam applications.

-Removal of most, if not all, interior wall coverings, and replacement.

-Removal and replacement of all floor coverings.

-Evaluation of plumbing system and possible repairs/upgrades.

-Installation of fire suppression system.

-Repair/replacement of roof. No changes will be made to the roof configuration with the possible exception of the raft shed on the rear of the building.

-No changes will be made to the buildings footprint.

-The windows on the front and east side of the building should all remain intact.

-The fireplace will remain intact.

-Installation of grocery type racks, display counters, freezers, walk-in boxes, refrigeration units, etc.

-Evaluation of any proposed equipment and upgrades for any potential energy saving technology.

-Evaluation of ADA requirements for front door entry and parking, and subsequent work required for compliance.

-Establishment of parking areas, and traffic flow pattern around building.

-Consultation with the park Historic Architect will be on-going throughout the planning process including preliminary and final design plans.