White Wolf Guest Cabins, Replace Subfloor, Carpet and Linoleum

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The purpose of this project is to remove and replace worn flooring materials in the 2-duplex wood cabins located at White Wolf High Sierra Camp in Yosemite National Park. White Wolf cabins are numbers 55890 (2A&B) and 55891 (3A & B) on the list of classified structures. The scope of work includes removal of existing carpet and replacement with rolled carpet, and removal of the restroom linoleum, and replace with new linoleum and cove base to match the existing; restroom sub-floors will be evaluated individually and replaced as needed. The project duration is expected to last for 5-days as follows:

1. Removal of the existing materials.
2. Install carpet pads in the bed rooms.
3. Install approximately 164 sf of carpet similar to existing in each of the bed rooms - 4 total rooms.
4. Remove toilets and various floor fixtures in restrooms.
5. Evaluate existing plywood sub-floors in the restrooms - replace with 3/4" plywood if needed.
6. Install new linoleum and cove base to match existing.
7. Site clean-up.

DNC will work with Kim Tucker of NPS Concession Services and the park Historical Architect on notification of replacement flooring colors and style in advance of installation. All work is scheduled to occur before the camp opening, starting June 2, 2008. A small staging area will be utilized in the parking space directly adjacent to the duplex cabins.