AT&T Wawona Office Bandwidth Upgrade for DSL Capacity

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In order to upgrade the bandwidth requirements at the AT&T Wawona office to meet the demand for DSL data service, AT&T needs to change out the present microwave dish at the Wawona Central Office. The replacement dish will be of the same type and size as the present antenna however, it will function in a different radio frequency band. This is part of an extensive project upgrading the backbone Telco facilities into and within Yosemite National Park.

To facilitate the upgrade, AT&T will have to place a temporary antenna to support all communications services into Wawona while the original antenna is replaced.

A temporary pole will have to be placed near the AT&T Wawona office to support the temporary dish antenna for approximately 30 days. Cabling will be 100% aerial between the temporary pole and the AT&T office. AT&T will restore the temporary pole area once the pole is removed. The only earth that will be disturbed would be the hole dug for the pole itself.

There will be no interuption in service for the local customers. AT&T will notify, or advise the National Park Service, if any notifications are required.

Ensure that all equipment and materials brought into the park are free of non-native, invasive plants and animals, and noxious weeds. All staff working on site shall be informed of and follow best management practices for preventing the introduction and spread of non-native, invasive species as described in Division 1 Specifications, Section 1355. Contact Victor Goldman, 379-3280, for an inspection appointment.

Please see the attached pictures for the location of the temporary pole. The two safety cones in the picture mark out the general required location for the pole.

AT&T is requesting authorization to set this temporary pole in place as soon as possible.