Yosemite Lodge Food Court, Entrance Reconfiguration

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The purpose of this project is to improve visitor access to the Yosemite Lodge (YL) Food Court. The existing entrance leads visitors into a busy food service area causing congestion near the doorway and limits circulation to other food stations. To relieve the congestion, DNC would like to install another set of doors next to the existing exit doors. The additional set of doors will become the "new" exit, and the "existing" exit will become the new entrance. All work performed will match existing conditions and include retention of ADA door assist equipment.

Work on the Food Court interior includes installation of a 4' tall x 20' long separation wall. The wall will separate the new entrance from the new exit. Installation of the wall may require moving the nearby cash wrap approximately 6" from its original location.

The general scope of work includes:
1. Removing a portion of the glass wall next to the existing exit door.
2. Rebuilding this area and installing the doors and ADA door assists to match current.
3. Extending the roof eave over the new doors to match the existing construction, design and color.
4. Installation of a 4' x 20' wood separation wall – painted to match current color scheme.
5. If necessary, move the nearby cash wrap 6" to accommodate the new 4' x 20' wall.

Upon completion, the YL Food Court will have one new set of doors and a separation wall installed to alleviate congestion and improve the visitor experience. The original entrance will be retained, however closed for public use.