Arch Rock Picnic Area Accessibility Improvements

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Arch Rock picnic area is located in El Portal District at Arch Rock Entrance Station. The new curb cut to the picnic area shall be improved according to the following requirements and meet the intent of the conceptually proposed site plan. All accessible upgrades shall fit into the existing picnic area site.

The contractor shall install a curb cut for the pathway to the picnic area. The curb cut shall be 5 feet wide and 7 feet in length. Material shall be concrete 4000 psi, colored gray with rebar. The curb cut will have formed side walls to prevent dirt from washing onto the concrete pathway. The picnic area finished graded slope shall not exceed 1.8% in any direction in the picnic area and pathway to wayside exhibit. Notably, the accessible surface beyond the concrete ramp will be the existing surface with minor surface grading to meet slope requirements. No additional material will be used.

The contractor shall install two government furnished picnic tables. The tables will be chained down with ΒΌ inch chain and cemented into the ground to prevent them from being moved.

The contractor shall move ADA parking space and re-stripe parking spaces. The new ADA parking space shall meet ADA requirements for van accessible parking and shall install a van accessible parking sign to regulations. Old parking stripping will be blacked out and repainted and the total number of parking spaces will remain the same. All work shall be improved to Outdoor Developed Areas Final Report June 20, 2007, standards.

All equipment and materials brought into the park will be free of non-native, invasive plants and animals, and noxious weeds. All staff working on site shall be informed of and follow best management practices for preventing the introduction and spread of non-native, invasive species as described in Division 1 Specifications, Section 1355.