Cascades Picnic Area Accessibility Improvements

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Cascades picnic area is located in the El Portal District near Cascades Creek. The new pathway to the sites shall be improved according to the following requirements and meet the intent of the conceptually proposed site plan. All accessible upgrades shall fit into the existing picnic area site.

The contractor shall install base rock and decomposed granite (D/G) for pathway from parking lot to picnic areas. The pathway and picnic areas shall meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) slope regulations. The picnic areas shall have compacted D/G for firm and stable surfaces. The walkway to the picnic area shall net exceed Outdoor Developed Areas Proposed Rule, side slope shall not exceed 4 to 1 ratio. The picnic area sites shall follow the same Outdoor regulations for D/G installation. Additionally, a permeable filter fabric will be installed where the existing soil meets the D/G. This layer will serve as barrier that protects the archeological integrity of the subsurface layers. The edges of the fabric will extend to within 8" of the D/G perimeter and will be pinned with 8" to 12" ground spikes.

There are seven picnic sites located in the Cascades picnic area. The contractor shall set aside tables and pull up grills. Contractor shall reinstall picnic tables and grills after site areas have been finished to grade. The re-installed shall be chained with 1/4" chain and cemented into the ground to prevent them from being moved. Grills shall be cemented into the ground at the ADA required height. NPS to provide new ADA accessible tables.

Pathway and picnic areas shall have a minimum of 2" deep D/G for finished compacted surface. Contractor shall remove all debris from park and clean area upon completion. Cascades picnic area new sites shall be improved to Outdoor Developed Areas Final Report June 20, 2007, standards.

All equipment and materials brought into the park will be free of non-native, invasive plants and animals, and noxious weeds. All staff working on site shall be informed of and follow best management practices for preventing the introduction and spread of non-native, invasive species as described in Division 1 Specifications, Section 1355.