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Washington Canoe Club Perimeter Fence Removal

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The National Park Service (NPS), Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP, and the Washington Canoe Club (WCC) will reduce the fencing that currently surrounds the WCC, located at mile one of the park. The Washington Canoe Club has been operating, until this year, under a special use permit. The NPS and the WCC are presently working toward a lease agreement for use of the area. However, under lease conditions, the public cannot be prohibited from the lands surrounding the WCC boathouse structure. In order to meet WCC needs for secure outdoor storage of boats and equipment, the NPS has agreed to permit the construction of a new and smaller fenced area, not to exceed 12,000 square feet for the storage needs. The existing chain link fence, approximately 440 linear feet surrounding the entire area (27,300 square feet )of the land previously used by WCC, will be removed as a result of this project.

Specification for the new fence and enclosure will include that the fence must be chain link, eight feet high, and will be vinyl coated in a neutral color to blend in with the surrounding area. The fence needs to be designed to discourage individuals from scaling the fence. The enclosed area will be used for storage of boats and associated equipment. WCC will be responsible for the installation and costs associated with this project. Screenings of native plantings will be reviewed and approved by the NPS for the new fence along the Capital Crescent Trail. Other sides will remain unscreened for safety purposes.

The final fence alignment has been vetted through the Commission of Fine Arts, The Old Georgetown Board, the District of Columbia State Historic Preservation Office, and the Anc2e. As a result of the reviews, the final alignment will increase the public use area by 61% above what is currently available. The docks used by WCC will not be open for public use. The new fence alignment will include two enclosed storage yards at each end of the WCC building and a fence exclosure from the front of the building to the Potomac River shoreline. All other shoreline areas will be open to the public.

The park's Interdisciplinary Team reviewed the project for impacts to natural and cultural resources. The project does not pose any serious or long-term effects to the environmental, historical, cultural, archeological, or visual resources. It meets categorical exclusion #C.8 – Replacement in kind of minor structures and facilities with little or no change in location, capacity, or appearance – for example, comfort stations, pit toilets, fences, kiosks, signs, and campfire circles.

In consultation with the District of Columbia State Historic Preservation Officer, as required by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, the project was reviewed for impacts to cultural resources. No adverse impacts are anticipated as a result of this project and the project is consistent with the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and the accompanying guidelines

Contact Information
For further information about this project, please contact Deputy Superintendent, at 1850 Dual Highway, Suite 100, Hagerstown, MD 21740.