Yosemite Valley Building 527 Welding Shop Door Replacement

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This project will replace the old welding shop doors in building #527. The old welding shop is connected to building #527 but is not part of the original historic structure; it is an addition that was added at a later date. The existing doors pose a safety hazard to employees as they are sharp, jagged, and unwieldy. The north door is not wide enough to allow ample space for all vehicles that are stored in this space to enter and exit the interior with ease. The configuration of the doors is such that all three doors cannot be open at once, which creates an incommodious situation. Additionally, the doors do not properly seal the building from encroaching wildlife. Currently there are two large metal sliding doors and one standard size swinging door. The project proposes to make the north door opening wider by removing three feet of center wall and taller by removing two feet of upper wall. The metal sliding doors will be replaced by two overhead-rolling garage-type doors. The north door opening will measure roughly 10' x 11' and finish at 8' x 10'. The south door opening will measure 12' x 16' and finish at 10' x 15'. The standard door will be replaced with a pocket door. This modification will eliminate the swinging door from interfering with the swinging door on the adjacent wall. The pocket door will slide north; the opening will measure roughly 84" x 40" and finish at 80" x 36". The framework for all of the new doors will be done in-house using square tubing. The garage doors will be brought in and installed by a contractor. The pocket door will be done in-house using wood and other materials from the Valley B&G Shop. The doors will have a smooth surface finish and will be consistent with the doors of building #527 so as to fit in with the building itself and the overall historic district. The wall supporting the doors will also be upgraded accordingly to accommodate the above outlined goals using materials from the Valley B&G Shop. The old welding shop door upgrade will result in safe and easy access to this space, as well as creating a wildlife proof barrier.