Tioga Pass Entrance Station Employee Water System Replacement

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This project will replace the water storage tank that serves the employee building at the Tioga Pass Entrance. Currently, employees fill a movable 25 gallon tank once a week to provide for hand washing and food preparation. The new tank will be larger, but not more than 300 gallons, and will be mounted inside the building in the old restroom which currently acts as a storage area. The location is shown as Alternative 1 in the attached Conceptual Site Plan. The new tank will be filled seasonally via a service contract or by NPS staff. Notably, the tank size has been reduced from the original proposed size through seeking minimal use methods working with park staff on water consumption habits. Furthermore, the Alternative 1 site for the tank was selected through coordination with Yosemite's History, Architecture, and Landscapes branch. Alternative 1 has no impact to the outside architectural appearance of the building.

The sanitary sewer line will be fitted with a grinder pump and realigned to connect to the vault toilet just southwest of the employee building. This will require installation of approximately 50 lf of new 2" sewer line. The installation of the grinder pump includes the automatic sewage grinder pump which is house in fiber glass basin with approximately a 30" base and 64" high. Other components include a fiberglass lid, brass disconnect fitting and 1-1/2" stainless steel guide rail system. System is assembled with 1-1/4" cast iron sewage check valve and 1-1/4" galvanized steel discharge pipe. The grinder pump and basin will be plumbed in either inside the building or in the same foot print as the existing non functioning valve box located on the south side of the building

The old septic tank located across the street and east of the building will be filled-in and abandoned. Portions of the tank that can be removed easily without damaging the surrounding area will be removed and disposed of outside of the park. Demolition will be performed by hand to minimize impact and the disturbed area will be contained to with in 5' of the tank.

If funding is available, the well located adjacent to the parking area about 1/4 mile south of the entrance station will be abandoned per Tuolumne Country Requirements. This will include removal of all hardware components, removal of the well head, and installation of a clay or concrete plug. This component of the project will help return the well area to a naturalized state and eliminate any chance ground water contamination that exits with all wells.

All work will be performed by contracted labor.

The proposed project scope requires that all contract equipment coming into the park be weed free and equipment will be inspected by either park vegetation staff. It also requires submission and approval of proposed material sources to be used on the project.