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Homeowner David Guy proposes to construct a one story bedroom and an interior stairwell addition of appproximately 320 square feet to an existing 1,575 sq. foot residence. The addition will be used for childrens' bedrooms within a single family residence. Project will include the addition of one "half-bath" on the ground floor and a 3/4 bath second stories. The "half bath" will consist of toilet and sink only; 3/4 bath will include a toilet, sink and shower. The configuration of the existing stairwell will be modified to improve safety and access to the main house. The additional bedroom will be constructed on the west side of the existing building, using construction materials that will match the existing materials. Exterior paint color will not be changed without the prior approval of the National Park Service. The existing breezeway between the main house and "back bedrooms" will be enclosed by installing doors on both ends of the covered breezeway. Doors will be selected to be in keeping with the architectural character of the existing structure.