Badger Pass Lodge Interpretive Display Installation

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The purpose of this project is to request approval to attach interpretive placards inside the Badger Pass Ski Area day lodge. Approximately 10-placards will be hung in pre-determined locations leading to and inside the Snow Flake room (located upstairs). The placards will be hung with a mounting bracket using the manufacturers recommendations which include installing 4 wood screws, 3 – 4 inches apart at a depth not to exceed 1 ¾ inch – see the installation instructions copied into PEPC internal documents. Once the brackets have been installed, the placards will attach to the brackets. The placards provide interpretive information about the history of Badger Pass and winter sports in Yosemite National Park. DNC Interpretive staff worked with Tom Medema and Vicki Mates, NPS Division of Interpretation regarding content and location of the placards. Ideally, DNC would like to have the placards installed for the Winter of 2008/09.